Antonio R. Carbonera

EVP (R&D, Quality)

Professional Achievements

• 1980: inventor of the digital document (Telex for Main Frame)
• 1986: inventor of the digital management and workflow of messages integrated with documents
• 1990: inventor of the Digital Storage system for documents and messages
• 1996: creator of the Essential Quality
• 2000: co-inventor of "quick generation of digital organizational processes" technology
• 2003: creator of the "partnership" in the corporate work
• 2006: co-inventor of the DataPicker® system for the digital management of organizational processes
• 2012: creator Holistic concept in the organization
• 2012: supporter of the Social Leadership.
• 2013: co-inventor of Hèrmes-Comm® Technology.


• Primary and secondary schools: Italian-American college Monsignor Egisto Tozzi (Rome)
• Scientific high school Augusto Righi (Rome)
• Course of Law (University of Pavia)
• Insights on technological methods and standards (US Corp of Engineers, Federal Specs, …)
• Various courses on IT technologies (particularly in IBM)
• Various courses on quality systems, since 1994
• Collaboration with certified and especially prepared persons.


• Organizational logics
• Various technologies (digital, communications, storage, digital signatures, ...)
• Technological and financial aspects of foreign trade
• Total Quality.


• Italian
• French
• English


• Increase the overall well-being through the realization of ideas and technological and organizational solutions.


• Technologies and organization
• Existential philosophies
• Health and nutrition.


• Skiing
• Athletics (100, 200, 4x100)
• Golf (one digit handicap).

Habits and Trends

• Curiosity
• Sincerity
• Vegetarian since 1985.