Privacy and Cookie Policy

Updated: 25 May 2018

This is the Privacy and Cookie Policy of, owned by HERMES COMM SRLs (in this document referred to also as "the company" or "Hèrmes-Comm"). It complies with European Regulation EU 2016/679, usually called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


Data we collect

The website does not collect personal data without the user explicit consent. Visitors willing to contact Hèrmes-Comm can do that using the contact form in some of the pages; some data are required (eg: name, company, ...) and visitors must provide them in order to successfully use the form. Using the contact form, our visitors explicitly consent to the collection of their personal data by HERMES COMM SRLs.

Visitors know that other ways of contacting HERMES COMM SRLs exist and they are listed on the website; those methods (sending an email) do not require the disclosure of personal data.

Data we collect are stored in a safe and encrypted way by HERMES COMM SRLs. If visitors want to know more about the methods the company uses, they can contact it directly.

Titolare del trattamento dei dati (legal owner of data)

HERMES COMM SRLs is the legal owner of visitors' data, and the one they should contact in case they want their data removed (this does not apply to data collected by third parties, for those, check the appropriate privacy policy).

Data collected by third parties

The websits uses some additional componenets useful to anonymously profile visitors, in particular Google Analytics. Google collects our visitors' data. Data are viewable by HERMES COMM SRLs only to know the number of visitors, their country and other similar information, all in anonimity (we do not know visitors' names or IP addresses), For more information, please refer to the Google Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy - Google

Right to be deleted

Visitors disclosing their data have the right to have them removed. In order to do so, they ought to send a written request (even online) to HERMES COMM SRLs, requesting the deletion of their data. The company will find and delete the data, and it will send a confirmation to the person who required the deletion.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website downloads on a visitor's device upon opening the website. It allows the website to store actions and preferences (like logins, language, font size and so on) for a period of time, so that visitors doesn't have to set them again at each visit.

How do we use cookies?

HERMES COMM SRLs does not use cookies it directly owns on its website. There are however some third party cookies for anonymous user profiling.

  • Google Analytics
    The website uses Google Analytics and thus Google anonymously profiles our visitors (approximate location, used browser, technical details about the user's device); the service, used by hundreds of millions of websites around the world, downloads cookies on visitors' devices for aforementioned purposes.

  • Cookieconsent
    Allowing or denying cookies requires an additional cookie to remember visitors' choice. This is also anonymous.
How to disable cookies

Visitors can choose if they want to disable cookies on this and other websites, although some functionalities may not work properly without cookies. All main browsers allow users to delete cookies, in this way: